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Pulse Infoframe healthie™

COVID-19 Stress Monitor &
VOX Mental Health Assessment

Is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting your well-being?

We invite you to take an online survey that helps measure stress and anxiety levels during and after social isolation.

It is hard for some of us to recognize when we need help. Just as taking a temperature can help us identify and monitor an infection, regularly answering questions about how we are feeling can help identify and monitor our stress and physical and mental wellbeing.

The healthieTM Stress Monitor is a short “check-in” assessment with initial screening questions. Each participant will receive a summary result at the end of the survey. Based on your initial assessment score, you may be invited to participate in a full longitudinal impact study.

Let your voice be heard and help inform public policies. Together, we’re not only stronger—we’re also louder.

Learn more about the Stress Monitor and VOX Mental Health Assessment.