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healthie™, our technology platform, considers the
needs of the patient and patient communities.

Solutions Partners

The partnership between Pulse Infoframe and Aparito is designed to address the unmet needs in rare disease where significant work remains to be done to increase knowledge of this community. By combining Aparito’s remote data collection approach with Pulse Infoframe’s rich data ecosystem, the solution will generate high-quality real world evidence while maximizing the efficiency of development programs.

The joint partnership with Quinten will provide our clients with advance analytics capabilities, leveraging artificial intelligence for the purpose of sequencing and data mining; predictive analytics as well as the improvements to operational efficiencies.


Strategic Partners

Over Pulse Infoframe’s 10-year history, we have leveraged our deep domain expertise to develop the industry’s most robust evidence generation platform and support longitudinal prospective studies and registries in over 25 diseases such as melanoma, lung cancer, and CDKL5 in partnership with over 10 global pharma partners seeking to understand natural history of disease, treatment effectiveness, and burden of illness.

Past partners have included:

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