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Our Oncology Registries

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The Global Melanoma Research Network (GMRN), a pioneering initiative established in 2010, has grown into one of the largest global melanoma registries, and now incorporates Merkel Cell CarcinomaBasal Cell Carcinoma, and Squamous Cell Carcinoma within the overarching skin cancer research network.

Data from our Melanoma registry has enabled many of the leading pharma companies to achieve their study objectives through every phase of the drug development lifecycle.

Publications Based on Data from our Melanoma Registry

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"Over the past 10 years, the Global Melanoma Research Network team has been able to track the impact on patients and the efficacy of treatment."

Uveal Melanoma

The Ocular Melanoma Natural History Study (OMNi), a groundbreaking initiative that commenced in 2020 and has grown into one of the largest global patient registries for uveal melanoma. The registry is a collaboration with a global team of primary investigators based in North America, Europe, and Australia. Our collective mission: to establish a dynamic and collaborative network providing unprecedented insights into patients with uveal melanoma on a worldwide scale.

Publications Based on Data from our Uveal Melanoma Registry

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Lung Cancer

Our Global Lung Cancer Registry was launched in 2020 to shed light on the natural history and real-world treatment patterns of diverse subgroups of lung cancer patients.

The registry has grown to 6 sites with plans for continued expansion. Evidence generated from this registry has been published in two manuscripts and multiple abstracts. Our principal investigator, Dr. Parneet K. Cheema was featured in Oncology Treatment Today, describing how real-world evidence from our registries accelerates access to life-saving medications.

Publications Based on Data from our Lung Cancer Registry

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The Pulse Infoframe Difference

For over a decade, Pulse has led critical innovation in the generation of real-world evidence (RWE). Pulse features an advanced technology platform, a global network of investigators and sites, rich data models, large up-and-running longitudinal registries, and deep clinical and regulatory expertise. These assets and approach enable Pulse to better address your research requirements from natural history, through comparator controls, through post-marketing and long-term follow-up.

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