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We use real world evidence to help you on your journey

A History Grounded in Epidemiology

In 2011, Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar founded Pulse Infoframe to fill a research gap that neglected millions: an inability to collect standardized, useful real world evidence in rare disease, cancer, and chronic condition populations. To increase the usefulness of this data, researchers needed to combine it with more common forms of data, such as medical reports. Collecting such sensitive data also meant developing a platform that would follow stringent regulatory guidelines, that would make it useful to researchers and advocates around the world.

But first and foremost, Dr. Gwadry-Sridhar wanted the data to answer patients’ pressing questions:

What effective treatments are there for my disease?
What effective therapies exist?
Is a cure possible?
Are there studies underway that I could take part in?

Real World Evidence

healthie™ is our flagship platform designed to support the collection of real world evidence that is structured to ensure research methods can be systematically applied to produce meaningfully comparable and reproducible results.

Standardized Data

In addition, healthie™ enables the structured collection of data and can map it to Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP), mCode, and others. We ensure the data captured allows for consented data-sharing permissioning across stakeholders and meets regulatory standards required by the FDA and EMA.

Deployed Around the World

Pulse Infoframe has offices in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Over 70 sites around the world are in process or have been deployed to help thousands navigate their journey toward finding effective treatments and critical answers for their disease or condition. Clients include patient and disease advocates, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic medical centers, and government bodies.

Registry Sites & Data Hubs
Disease Areas & Coverage
Industry Partners
Peer Reviewed Publications

Our Dedicated Team

Our team blends award-winning expertise and distinguished service across the healthcare and technology sectors. We have a wealth of experience which results in tremendous value for our clients. We understand healthcare. We understand technology. Our customers are always our prime concern.

Senior Management Team

Pulse CEO and Founder Femida Gwadry-Sridhar

Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar

CEO & Founder

Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar is the founder and chief executive officer of Pulse Infoframe. Dr. Gwadry-Sridhar is a pharmacist, epidemiologist and methodologist with over 25 years of experience in clinical trials, health analytics, clinical disease outcomes, and registries.

Pulse CFO Roger Wittenveen

Roger Witteveen

Chief Financial Officer

Roger has over 25 years of experience in finance and technology building and leading high performing global teams and projects. He held senior executive positions at BlackBerry with global responsibility for finance operations leading projects to structure global operations work.

Senior Technical Team

Pulse Chief Innovation Officer Paul Ferraiolo

Paul Ferraiolo

Chief Innovation Officer

Paul brings over 30 years’ experience. Previously, Paul was a senior member of the technology team at Concerto Health and was the chief architect of the Oracle Cancer Research Cloud initiative.

Michael Barrow

Chief Technical Officer

Mike brings over 35 years of technology executive experience. Previously, Mike was the CTO for QuantiaMD, a news, information, and collaboration platform for more than 200,000 physicians worldwide. Mike was VP of Engineering at Soliloquy Learning, which developed software products featuring speech recognition for reading instruction and assessment for both school and home markets. He was co-founder of the Mesa Group, a software product development company focused on messaging and collaboration product, which was acquired by Microsoft. Subsequently he served as a Software Development Manager for Microsoft Exchange.

Pulse Chief Technical Advisor Doug Bachelor

Doug Bachelor

Chief Technical Advisor

Doug brings a wealth of experience to Pulse Infoframe, with over 14 years in healthcare and over 25 years building world class software platforms in the roles of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect.

Board of Advisors

Pulse employee Jay Pieper

Jay Pieper

Finance Advisor

Currently, Jay B. Pieper is a principal in Atria Global Health Advisory Services. His primary work has been advising on Governance, System Development and Strategy for organizations ranging from single entities to National healthcare systems.

Jim Cavan - Advisor

Jim Cavan


Jim Cavan, a health start-up entrepreneur, has served in a variety of executive leadership roles for healthcare institutions and organizations for more than twenty years.  Starting his healthcare career in the field of emergency medicine, he served in Fire Department EMS, hospital Advanced Life Support and medical aviation-based settings.

Eric Schultz

Eric Schultz

Strategic Advisor

Eric Schultz has been at the forefront of disruptive innovation in technology for nearly 40 years building several startups and in executive roles in leading companies including Lotus, Microsoft and Qualcomm. For the past 15 years, Eric has focused exclusively in healthcare using real world data and machine learning to advance patient lives. He advises a select group of health-related companies and serves as advisor to the Carnegie Mellon UPMC Center for Machine Learning and Health.

Pulse employee Barbara Handelin

Barbara Handelin


Dr. Barbara Handelin is the co-founder and CEO of Audacity Therapeutics. She has a 30+ year career as a pioneering medical geneticist, and serves the research management needs of rare disease patient organizations.

Pulse employee Carlos Rodarte

Carlos Rodarte

Strategy and Digital Innovation

Carlos Rodarte is a systems thinker and business innovator committed to enabling individuals to discover how their behaviors, biology, and environment impact health outcomes. He’s on a mission to align revenue generation to societal good.

Life Sciences Advisor Elia Stupka

Elia Stupka

Life Sciences Advisor

Dr. Elia Stupka is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Life Sciences business unit at Health Catalyst and a technical advisor at Pulse Infoframe. He is a visionary leader in digital health with a passion for innovation in health and life sciences and 20 years of experience across industry, academic and clinical settings.

Our Team

Joshua Henderson, Head of Rare Diseases

Joshua Henderson

Head of Rare Diseases

Joshua Henderson’s expertise is in building relationships and fostering collaboration across diverse groups of stakeholders, with a specific focus on supporting underrepresented populations and advancing the development of treatments for underserved diseases.

Pulse Director of Operations Sarah Kin

Sarah Kin

Director of Operations

Sarah leads Pulse Infoframe’s client implementation delivery, platform support, and standards and policies oversight activities. With over a decade of professional service, Sarah brings extensive expertise to Pulse Infoframe’s expanding client base and suite of platform services.


Alaa Ibrahim

Project Coordinator

Alaa has completed a Master of Management of Applied Science in Global Health Systems. She is a pharmacist by profession and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than six years. She was a project coordinator for the Wastewater Initiative surveillance at Western University.


Michael Behling


Michael has spent the last decade working with real-world evidence data as a statistician, working at CROs and collaborating with both pharmaceutical companies as well as academic and research institutions. During that time he has lead and published numerous studies in oncology, rheumatology, nephology, and other treatment areas. He holds an MPH with a focus on biostatistics from Boston University.

Pulse Data Engineer Beth Locke

Beth Locke

Data Engineer

Beth is a Graduate of Computer Science, Bioinformatics at the University of Western Ontario. During graduate work, she was a University Instructor in software engineering, computer organization and architecture, and algorithms.


Erica Kim

Software Engineer

Erica has graduated with an advanced diploma in Computer Programming Analyst at Fanshawe College along with a Bachelor of Arts. She worked as a database analyst for 5 years in the financial field before she developed a strong passion for software engineering.


Daniel Lewi

Head of Business Development and Patient Advocacy

Dan Lewi’s varied background in rare disease advocacy began when he and his wife founded the Cure & Action for Tay-Sachs (CATS) Foundation in the UK, after their daughter Amélie was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs. Dan has over ten years of experience in medtech and advocacy, and he has also served as Chairman of the European Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff Charity Consortium since 2012. Dan is fully aware of the patient voice, and he consistently puts patients and their needs at the forefront of clinical discussion.

Pulse Employee Dr. Muhammad Rakibuz-Zamam

Dr. Muhammad Rakibuz-Zaman

Senior Research Associate

Dr. Rakibuz-Zaman is a medical graduate (Dhaka, Bangladesh) and epidemiologist (MSc in Epidemiology from The University of Western Ontario, Canada) with over 20 years of progressive experience working in clinical research, longitudinal cohort studies, public health and bio-specimen research (laboratory setting).

Leah Young Aug 2022

Dr. Leah Young

Clinical Project Manager

Dr. Leah Young has over 20 years experience in oncology research in the areas of pathology, DNA damage responses, medical genetics, epigenetics, and precision medicine, and over 8 years experience in oncology clinical trials. Leah’s therapeutic areas of expertise include lung cancer, HNPCC, skin cancer, lymphoma, and pediatric oncology (leukemia, solid, CNS).


Kathleen Coolidge

Consultant, Patient Advocacy

Kathleen Coolidge worked in the biotech industry for the last 20 years managing relationships within the rare disease patient community while working at Sanofi Genzyme.  Prior to that, she worked as a licensed clinical social worker in pediatrics at Tufts Medical Center.  Her deep commitment to patients, rare diseases, and supporting the patient community while also trying to bring innovation and new technology remains a priority.  Working in Patient Advocacy at Pulse is a perfect match supporting those two priorities.


Thien Tran

Software Engineer

Thien is a software developer and recently graduated from an advanced diploma of Computer Programmer Analysis program at Fanshawe College. He has been working in the software development field for more than 5 years. In addition, he has hands-on experience in designing and developing website projects.

Pulse employee Nina Liu

Nina Liu

Director of Clinical Product Management

Nina is a dynamic and engaging leader passionate about delivering products to market that will have a direct impact on the care quality for patients. She is experienced in product management, product marketing and business operations in a variety of fast-paced healthcare technology companies.

DRB 2020 (3)

Denise G. Redkar-Brown

Senior Clinical Data Management—Training

Denise G. Redkar-Brown, MT, began her career as a Medical Technologist working in a hospital laboratory environment. She made the transition to the pharmaceutical industry, and after more than 25 years she has held positions in basic and clinical research with successful submissions to the FDA for multiple drugs and biologics, as well as creating and facilitating training for Barnett International for the past 21 years.

Ryan headshot

Ryan Sheedy

Product Marketing Specialist

Ryan graduated from Clark University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing and a Master of Business Administration. He has had prior marketing experience for creative agencies and consulting companies and was also a teaching assistant during his final year of undergrad.

Daniel Hofner

Software Engineer

Daniel has worked as a software engineer building and designing custom solutions for many enterprise applications. Not only is Daniel a Software Engineer, he has worked with IoT devices, built custom firmware, and even provided tech support for Geek Squad.


Logan Sovereign

Software Engineer

Logan graduated from the Computer Programmer Analyst program at Fanshawe College. He has full stack industry experience developing websites and desktop applications. Logan is also a firefighter with his local volunteer fire department.

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