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quality real-world evidence.

As the world of life sciences transforms, traditional ways of managing drug development and post marketing assessments must accommodate new paradigms.

Need for a single flexible platform that supports all research initiatives for organizations working on similar or disparate diseases, increasing efficiency and drug/therapy discovery and development

The call to foster collaboration between medical and scientific researchers, key opinion leaders, patients, and industry partners.

New data sources, better data access, and improved data quality, which can be used to support ambispective observational studies (e.g., patient journey, natural history data) and improve patient lives

The healthie™ 2.0 platform is a unique, centralized evidence generation solution, crafted with the needs of those with cancer, rare diseases, and chronic conditions in mind.

Share de-identified data between diseases or research initiatives safely and securely, using a well-documented governance process—our centralized platform upholds the regulatory, security, and privacy requirements to support worldwide collaboration.

As your requirements evolve, healthie™ 2.0’s flexible, cloud-based system will support you every step of the way. Accelerate clinical research, enable evidence-based data-driven decisions, and engage patients with our range of data analytics and visualization tools. Other features include:

Advanced User Experience
Provides an approachable, easy-to-use interface simplifying the workflows for data input, management, and analysis, while also allowing for querying and cohort exploration
Data Mapping & Ingestion
Connect to electronic health records, claims, genomics and proteomics data across geographies with the latest global data mapping standards, including OMOP, mCODE and CDISC. Facilitate RWE research and analytics by mapping your data according to a data dictionary defined for your specific initiative
Platform Compliance & Security Services
Our role-based access and privacy controls continuously ensure the platform is being used properly and only by authorized users
Content Management & Integration
We can connect to a variety of content management services (Veeva Vault, SharePoint, etc.) directly through an API
Natural Language Processing
Extract and structure clinical information stored as free text in notes using an NLP model
Research Portal & Analytics
Easy to use, browser-embedded analytical tools enable users to configure queries, view registry status in real-time, and glean instant insights

Visualization & Analytics

The healthie™ platform’s analytical tools allow biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and other medical researchers to select data elements of interest and generate classic visualizations and biostatistical measures, inclusive of descriptive statistics.

Effortlessly create publication-ready tables and figures using healthie™’s built-in tools. Supported functions include:

  • Mean, median, standard deviation, and minimum/maximum/percentile values for continuous variables
  • Frequencies and percentages for categorical variables
  • Data filtering and stratification

We also support BYOA (Bring Your Own Analytics)

Use your favorite analytics or reporting tool, like Tableau, SAS, or Pentaho, to mine and analyze the data in your repository. All data is regulatory-ready and can be interrogated with standard SQL.

Extensible Core Data Model

healthie™ 2.0’s core data model extends dynamically—this allows data from a variety of disparate sources to connect and evolve together. The H2O core data repository contains the latest, most relevant information, which users can view, analyze, and visualize based on their specific roles and authorization. This ensures that only the right eyes have access to your data.

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