Executive Assistant to the CEO

Position Title: Executive Assistant to the CEO.

Region: London, Ontario, Canada.

Compensation: Full Time Position with salary, commensurate with experience. Benefits package included.

Job Description:
The Executive Assistant is an essential person within the organization who will coordinate logistics and provide essential communication for the CEO. A successful candidate must be detail-oriented, process-oriented, and must have the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities at one time. Candidate will be responsible for coordinating logistics for the CEO, communicating with team members, and communicating on behalf of the CEO to prospects, strategic partners, and clients. You must have the ability to create process and systems, then make sure that those systems are followed by members of the organization. You must be detail oriented and take good notes. You must have strong written and verbal communication skills and be comfortable communicating over the phone and through emails. You need to be comfortable with deadlines and handling pressure, and you must have the ability to juggle multiple tasks at one time. You must also have the ability to handle many different types of personalities and have thick skin. You must have the ability to handle adversity, think on your feet, be flexible, and manage multiple relationships at once. A successful candidate will be a self-starter, willing to learn on the job, and can take on different tasks without being micro-managed. You will occasionally be asked to do things outside of traditional work hours.

Company Description:
Pulse Infoframe is a healthcare IT company that has built a collaborative ecosystem for the healthcare world that enables researchers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and patients to be heard and pertinent information to be shared as appropriate. Our goal is to help cure disease and improve healthcare outcomes through collaboration. And it really works! Already our global disease ecosystems have helped advance treatments and connect patient communities around the world. Effective, global collaborative data exchanges are managed with our Healthie™ solution. Our focus is in cancer and rare disease.

Qualities You Need:

  • College degree
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft systems
  • Specialized computer skills including the ability to use various applications such as database, spreadsheets, report writing, project management, graphics presentation creating/editing, and scheduling software
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Self-starter
  • Experience multi-tasking
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Detail oriented
  • Team player

Local Candidates only.
No recruiters or agencies.

Candidates must submit:
– Resume
– Cover letter

We are an equal opportunity employer.