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Pulse Infoframe
About the Company
Real-World Evidence Accelerates Progress
Deployed globally and focused on cancer, rare disease, and chronic conditions, Pulse Infoframe is a health informatics and analytics company based in the science of real-world evidence. Since 2011, our software solution, healthieTM has enabled data insights that move beyond the surface level. We have created a technology and services platform that empowers a consortium of stakeholders and fosters an engaging, efficient, and sustainable data ecosystem.

Listen to the CEO of Pulse Infoframe, Dr. Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, talk with Peter Birch from the Australian podcast Talking Healthtech. Dr. Gwadry-Sridhar discusses the meaning of the word 'healthie', new types of clinical trials for small populations, and some of the work that Pulse Infoframe has conducted Australia.